Face Cream Tips

Avoid Face Creams with Artificial Fragrances

All natural face creams are made of 100% natural ingredients. They do not contain any synthetic chemicals such as artificial fragrances. Ultimately artificial fragrances and preservatives can cause your skin to be prone to allergies, dryness and irritation.It is advisable to include a day and night cream in your daily routine. This will nourish your skin with rich antioxidants, cleanse your skin with high quality ingredients, and encourage your skin to restore the levels of collagen and elastin that are present in younger skin cells. Look for day and night face creams that are clearly labeled organic, all natural, preservative free, or toxin free.
if your skin is dry you should use a product that is oily and highly moisturizing and absorbing. Alternatively if you have oily skin that is prone to breakouts look for a natural face cream with a less oily texture. These facial creams not only keep the skin hydrated and fresh looking but also absorb the excess oil from the skin’s surface and regulate the production of oil. Look for a matifying cream that is hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic (won’t clog pores)

Application of Natural Face Creams

Always apply the face cream on cleansed and toned skin. Use a mild cleanser and wash your face with circular motions. Always clean your skin at night before going to bed. Apply a facial toner depending on your skin type to remove any excess oil or makeup residue. Let your face dry completely before you apply the cream. Natural face cream products should be applied correctly and sparingly. These organic creams should be applied daily even if you aren’t going to apply makeup. Start by applying small amounts of the face cream and gradually increase the amount until you have determined the correct amount to use on your skin. Take a small amount of the cream with your fingertips and apply it to the face avoiding the eye area. Dot the cream an inch away from the eyes to avoid irritation. Make sure you apply the cream evenly and massage it in very lightly. Apply the natural face cream on the middle of the forehead and massage from the inward corners of the eyebrows, outwards. From the mid point of the eyebrows move down below the eyes using a circular motion. Massage the nose from the upper part downwards towards the nostrils, and from nostrils to the temples. Apply the cream above the upper lip and move towards the cheeks.Then apply cream below the lower lip and move down till you reach below the chin. In the end, apply the natural face cream below the chin and massage downwards. If your skin feels too oily use a tissue to absorb any excess face cream from your face. Use an eye cream to moisturize and nourish the skin around the eyes.